Treasure hunt around the Solent

Designed for the outgoing, a Rib Treasure Hunt provides thrilling and competitive entertainment. Tailored to fit the time you have available, your budget, and your preferred style from the competitive to the pure fun; we have years of experience in running the best Rib events in the UK.

The various Rib Treasure Hunt packages include both land and sea based clues and challenges, involving stops in several different ports. The challenges are likely to involve charts, clues, stop watches, Polaroid cameras, and objectives to complete. The Treasure Hunt is both stretching and entertaining; every team member will be able to take the lead in tasks ranging from the logical to the outrageously creative. The day will usually include bacon rolls and coffee on arrival, lunch (from baguettes to waterside BBQ) and a Pimms prize giving reception. These days are fabulous fun!

We are happy to start the event whenever it suits. We are able to add in or subtract components to ensure a good time, even if you want a late start and an early finish. Usually we find groups join us at 10.00 and expect to have finished their Pimms by 5.30.

  1. Join us at a waterside Bistro for coffee, oj and bacon rolls

  2. Assemble to receive a full safety and event briefing

  3. Issue of high quality breathable oilskins and lifejackets

  4. Split into different teams and appoint team leaders

  5. The teams are issued with charts, cameras and stopwatches

  6. Board the fleet of identical Ribs and head out onto the water

  7. Plan your team’s strategy with a little help from the skipper

  8. Enjoy some high speed close formation driving

  9. Stop in various ports and go ashore to complete the tasks

  10. Expect to visit Yarmouth and Cowes on The Isle of Wight

  11. Complete your navigation exercise

  12. Enjoy an excellent lunch from baguettes to full BBQ

  13. The photographs are particularly important and great fun

  14. Teams compete for points and medals for the winners

  15. Return to base for a Pimms prize giving reception

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